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Online Social Network Dating

 Avoid using selfies. They have become popular and even though they can serve your profile when taken nicely, those taken in suggestive places such as bathrooms should not be used at all. Nice guys looking for serious ladies hunt for decency and the bathroom selfies might not pass you as decent.

 Cover up that cleavage when taking the profile photo. Tops with low necklines exposing cleavages should be avoided at all costs when taking the picture for your online profile. They can be quite indecent to most men and can end up ruining your personality assumptions.

Wear a wide smile when taking the photo. It will make you look more attractive compared to having a pout that’s snobbish. A smile can go to show how warm and confident you are thus attracting attention from male singles who find you lovable.

Don’t make the mistake of using a photo with friends in it. The best online dating profile photo is one in which you are alone. Using a photo in the company of a friend who is good looking can end up robbing you a chance to find the right person. Apart from divided attention, you might end up confusing singles because it can be hard to pick you out in the photo.

Use only current photographs for your profile. Even though you might find yourself more attractive in your old photos, you want to make singles to love you for who you are now. Old photos can also relay the wrong message about how you look, especially if they are no longer good in quality. The secret is to take a current photo in the most professional way possible without distorting anything. Use a photo that shows exactly how you look to avoid disappointing your partner when you finally meet. Let the singles love you for who you really are.