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Online Dating Profile Photo

· Face shots can be good, but full body shots show confidence in your shape or figure. Do not be afraid to show your whole body because no matter your size of shape, you definitely will find men who are attracted to you. Include a few full body shots together with the up close face or head photos.

· Never upload photos you have taken with friends. This is a complete no because you actually are giving room to men to check out your hot friends instead of concentrating on you. Try as much as possible to upload photos that have only you; do not include even your pet or your house in the photo.

· If you feel a need to upload a photo taken with other people in it, always make sure that you indicate which one in the photo is you. Nothing can be worse than for you to upload a photo and leave the men guessing who amongst the women is you.

· Never edit the photo because then you are likely to distort how you really look like and men really hate this. Remember that you will eventually have to meet and the truth will come out so there is no need to make any changes that do not reflect the true you.

· Be easy with the make-up. You of course should appear attractive in your profile photos, but you should never overdo the makeup so much that even you have a hard time recognizing yourself. Let a professional handle your makeup before taking the photos so that you have a well done face that brings out the best in you.