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Keep Woman Interested When Dating Online

Ask her questions that will help you know her better. Women love men who show genuine interest in knowing them better and this is what you should do. You can ask direct questions and you can also make it fun and create a scenario, then ask how he would respond, react or what her opinion is based on what you have created. You really should never go on and on about you because you easily get boring.

Never forget what she says to you. It is the fastest way of losing a woman you like because it simply shows you are not a good listener. There is this generalization that women have nothing important to say and hence most men have other things going in their minds when a woman is talking and end up grasping nothing. Never allow this to happen if you want a relationship to develop. Remember important details correctly so you do not make disappointing remarks in future when you ask again or end up saying the exact opposite of what she said.

Complement her, but do not overdo it. Sure women love being complemented and it actually works in boosting their confidence. However, too many complements will make you look unreal and as though you are after something. Let the compliments come in where necessary and limit them so they are as natural as possible.

Avoid making fun of her in any way. As a man you should be honest with what you say. For instance, never say you like her eyes when you are in fact ridiculing her because they appear squinty. Women are very sensitive when it comes to their looks and it can be hard to find a perfectly cut out woman. It is a good thing to concentrate on the positives and keep the negatives on the low until much later when you can both lay them out and probably make fun of them so you accept each other. The last thing you want to do is make a woman feel you are making fun of her even if you are doing it with a light touch.