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Category Archives: Relationship

Good Dating Site

Impressive member base – You will never find your ideal partner if you join a site that has just a bunch of singles as members. A good site should boast an impressive member base to give you confidence that you will find your partner within the masses. When looking at the number of members, you should remember that they ought to be active to make the difference. A site that has thousands of singles, but only a few tens are active will not do you much so at least look at membership in terms of how many of these singles are actually active.

Reliable security measures – Fraud is a reality, even online so ask yourself what measures the site has in place to reassure you your transactions are safe and secure. Still on security, what measures does the site have or how are the singles sieved to ensure that only genuine and real ones join the site? A good dating site should have a security system or procedure that is used to ensure that all users are protected from people who join the sites with ill motives. Never join a dating site if you are not very sure about your safety and security.

Ease of use – Only a good dating site will make navigation easy for users. Apart from easily finding your way within the site when uploading photos or putting up your online profile, the searching process should be made easy for you. There are those that match you automatically with singles you are most compatible with using information you have in your profile and others will make it possible for you to narrow down your search using your own preferences such as age and profession among others. Choose a site that will give you a pleasant user experience by looking at the features made available to you.

Approaching Confident Women

Start Working On Questions

Look up questions and one liners to say to women. Seriously, look them up and pick out 10 that you are going to memorize. This is going to help you greatly. Learn them by speaking into a mirror and practicing with friends. Make sure that you are confident when you say them, and don’t laugh, break down, or try to fix them. Just say them with certainty. If you can do this, you will be head and shoulders above most men. Once you work these out and can say them with ease, it’s time to test your options approaching confident women.

Head To A Bar and Test Your Questions

Go to a local bar and start hitting on women. This is going to be a bit shaky at first, but you are practicing for bigger game as it were. You will need to be confident in approaching women, and talking to them outright. Getting them to talk is key, and if you want more, get them to go out with your home with you. This is up to you. Take notes the next day as to what work, what didn’t work, and what you can do to improve approaching confident women.

Test Your Luck With Confident Women

Once you have a few notes about what works and what doesn’t, it’s time to go for the big leagues. When you see a confident woman, go straight up to her with your best lines, and ask her out. If she scoffs or says no, then simply thank her and don’t think anything of it. Don’t let it shake you. Keep going and take notes. Then try again. Keep going until someone says yes, because it will happen. This will only happen if you keep pushing and improving. If you cannot gain a sense of assurance when you’re approaching any woman, you will not tackle confident ones that’s for certain.

Online Social Network Dating

 Avoid using selfies. They have become popular and even though they can serve your profile when taken nicely, those taken in suggestive places such as bathrooms should not be used at all. Nice guys looking for serious ladies hunt for decency and the bathroom selfies might not pass you as decent.

 Cover up that cleavage when taking the profile photo. Tops with low necklines exposing cleavages should be avoided at all costs when taking the picture for your online profile. They can be quite indecent to most men and can end up ruining your personality assumptions.

Wear a wide smile when taking the photo. It will make you look more attractive compared to having a pout that’s snobbish. A smile can go to show how warm and confident you are thus attracting attention from male singles who find you lovable.

Don’t make the mistake of using a photo with friends in it. The best online dating profile photo is one in which you are alone. Using a photo in the company of a friend who is good looking can end up robbing you a chance to find the right person. Apart from divided attention, you might end up confusing singles because it can be hard to pick you out in the photo.

Use only current photographs for your profile. Even though you might find yourself more attractive in your old photos, you want to make singles to love you for who you are now. Old photos can also relay the wrong message about how you look, especially if they are no longer good in quality. The secret is to take a current photo in the most professional way possible without distorting anything. Use a photo that shows exactly how you look to avoid disappointing your partner when you finally meet. Let the singles love you for who you really are.

Meeting Girls In The Summer

Know Your Day Date Options

Another thing that you should focus on when meeting girls in the summer is where your date options are going to be. This includes ice cream shops, soda shops, and any place that is known for having cold options. You don’t want to take your date to a coffee shop if it’s 100 degrees outside. You’ll instead want to cool things down with some ice cream, and other elements that are going to help you with getting them cooled down, and chilled. Know where to go, and figure out how to get there before you ever bring a date there.

Dress Appropriately

If it’s hot outside and your goal is meeting girls in the summer, you should dress appropriately. If you don’t have any summer clothing, then it is time to visit your local mall or thrift shop. You need shorts, tank tops, and you need to dress like you’re out and about town. Whether you’re going to the local swimming hole, or you’re just cruising along, you should be dressed with the appropriate attire for summer. This is going to show women that you’re forward thinking in terms of fashion, not just a random idiot trying to pick them up.

Attract Younger Women

Visit Areas Where Younger Women Are

Here’s something that most men don’t realize, many young women are lurking at museums, events, and more. You have to lower what you think is fun to match up with a younger audience. Don’t want to go to the 420 Fest? Tough. Don’t want to go the hip hop showcase? Tough. You’re going to have to go to these areas and show up like you know what is going on. Don’t just show up wearing “dad” jeans, spruce up your look, and make sure that you are focused on showing up to areas that you will find younger women at. Where you are will dictate how to attract younger women.

Wear Youthful Cologne

Cologne makes these women go nuts, if you can match up the right scents. Look into what’s selling well, and see what women love the most. Don’t wear something that shows your age, go younger. If you can get this done, you’ll find that women will remember you, and will be attracted to you. You have to realize that younger women are looking for money, and confidence. If you have those, you’re a shoe in to date younger. If you don’t have those things, then you’ll need to fake it until you make it, and make sure that you are smooth. This takes time, but you can do it. All you have to do is make sure that you intrigue younger women as you learn how to attract younger women. It takes time, but you can do it.

Online Dating Profile Photo

· Face shots can be good, but full body shots show confidence in your shape or figure. Do not be afraid to show your whole body because no matter your size of shape, you definitely will find men who are attracted to you. Include a few full body shots together with the up close face or head photos.

· Never upload photos you have taken with friends. This is a complete no because you actually are giving room to men to check out your hot friends instead of concentrating on you. Try as much as possible to upload photos that have only you; do not include even your pet or your house in the photo.

· If you feel a need to upload a photo taken with other people in it, always make sure that you indicate which one in the photo is you. Nothing can be worse than for you to upload a photo and leave the men guessing who amongst the women is you.

· Never edit the photo because then you are likely to distort how you really look like and men really hate this. Remember that you will eventually have to meet and the truth will come out so there is no need to make any changes that do not reflect the true you.

· Be easy with the make-up. You of course should appear attractive in your profile photos, but you should never overdo the makeup so much that even you have a hard time recognizing yourself. Let a professional handle your makeup before taking the photos so that you have a well done face that brings out the best in you.

Find Right Partner Online

Create a wish list. This list does not have to go into your profile and instead you should create it for your personal reference and to remind you of what exactly you are looking for. When creating this list be as specific as possible. For instance, instead of saying that you are looking for someone who loves kids, you can say that you want someone who actually wants to have kids of their own. Let this list define what exactly you want.

Develop and keep score. The scoring system is something not many people think about when it comes to dating because it looks unrealistic but it can actually be very helpful. To develop a system on which you can allocate points on dates, you must think about traits that you are looking for in your mate. Think about previous relationships and their characteristics; what worked for you and what didn’t. Based on what you come up with, you can then decide what the lowest acceptable points will be in a mate. This is of course for your own personal analysis so you get a near perfect mate in relation to what you feel is most ideal for you.

Get yourself out there. There is really no way you will find what you are looking for if you don’t take the step of signing up to reputable dating site. You should be careful when joining a site so you get to singles that are looking for long term relationships just like you and not casual intimacies. The good thing about online dating is that you can join more than one site to increase your success rates, just ensure that you join reliable and trustworthy dating sites to get what you want. Remember, you might need to pay a fee to have some features activated and you want as many of these on to ease your dating so have your finances figured out as well.

Simple Dating Advice

Get Clothing That Fits Your Body Type

You are not living in the 1990s and you are not a pro skater. You’re also not a gang member, so pull up your pants, and get clothing that fit you properly. Everyone’s body type is different, which means that you cannot just wear whatever you want and look good. If you absolutely are clueless and you are not sure what dating advice for men to take, then hire a consultant to help you with this. You should not look like a bum, and you should not dress like a 15-year-old skater. Pick up your clothing game and you’ll get more ladies, guaranteed.

Learn How To Do Things (Lots of Things)

One of the biggest things that you can do with today’s dating advice for men is simple, learn. Learn new things. This includes how to cook, how to clean properly, how to dance, how to fix your car, how to do just about anything. You may scoff at this, but you are going to impress women if you can do any of these things well. This doesn’t happen overnight. You should take your time, and deliberately pursue learning at all times. If you do this, you will be able to impress any woman you want, guaranteed.

Some Ways to Win Any Girl

Show the world that you are not lazy

Women just can’t stand lazy and sleazy men. Lazy means failure. You are lagging in money, career, health, enthusiasm, and everything that may count. A lazy man losses all. Show her that you are hard-working and always pushing to the limit, kind of a guy. In my personal experience, a dedicated and hard-working guy is a symbol of sound and robust future for any girl, and thus, he stands an excellent chance to impress her ladylove and be the hero. While a lazy guy is a symbol of some lost kingdom of ashes, a lousy decline, a nightmare fall, and an open weakness.

Be Bold in Love

A frank, open, candid yet refined approach is an effective one in dating and impressing potentially available straight girls. The reverse path will lead you nowhere. A shy, hesitant and low-profile approach is disastrous when it comes to girls.

Character with humility is a winning formula

If you are a lucky man in your field, enjoying a good reputation and have some substantial financial possessions, then, My Man! You have hit the bull’s eyes.However, such girls, who fall for you, are known as gold diggers. You do not want a gold digger in your life, do you? So better find a real girl with interest in our rather than what you have in your pockets.

Attract Shy Girls

Make A Point To Ask Bigger Questions

When you’re approaching the topic of how to attract shy girls, you need to look at asking questions. You have to speak to girls of this nature with open ended questions. Don’t just ask how their day was. Ask something about them, compliment them, and get them to open up. People think that this is hard, but it’s not. Most shy people will open up if you ask them a string of questions and try to get to know them. They’ll catch on eventually, and you’ll be in the zone in no time learning how to attract shy girls.

Go To Places Where Shy Girls Are

What are people that are shy into? Chances are you’ll find out if you investigate a little. Your city has a lot of different areas where people of this nature congregate. Sometimes it’s as simple as a comic book store, sometimes it’s a library, sometimes it’s college campuses, you have to find them. If you do a little digging, you will no doubt eventually find them and will be able to attract them with relative ease.